Do you hear it?

In the mountain pass, the streams, the caverns? A groaning wail has been rising for months. Soon even the deaf will know the horror. The Greypeaks are toppling.

Is it fallout from the Dragon Rage? Perhaps a madman seeks to pull down the spires around him to revel in the chaos. Or maybe the insatiable dwarves have catacombed too deep, yet again.

Some call me mad, saying I’ve lost my mind. But steeds shy away from Llorkh Pass, and the fish in the headwaters of the Greyflow are scant.

The Zhents have expanded to the Frontier; perhaps Abeir-Toril is taking matters into her own hands, stopping the flow of evil west.

Whatever the cause, I fear the fate is widespread, and I grow weary of watching…

Millennia Quake